Our Bright Future #7: Chris Bale on Harmonizing the Masculine and Feminine, Sexual Alchemy, Sovereignty & The Role of Ascended Relationships in Creating a New Society

“Our Bright Future” Session #7
Featuring Special Guest: Chris Bale
(Replay available below)

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What might intimate relationships look like in an ascended society?

How will people, once released of the shadow of the old world, organize themselves into healthy communities based on love, unity and togetherness?

How will men and women show up in their lives as natural beings, once we move past the gender-based patterns and biases which currently plague us?

Why is clearing and healing our sexual shame and baggage perhaps the most crucial element in recreating our lives, communities, the world?

Digging into these intimate questions is our aim with this week’s “Our Bright Future” session, and we are honored to welcome Chris Bale to help us find the truth.

Chris Bale intentionally swears and provokes in his online sharings, by design. One of his clear pet-peeves is the dainty spirituality in mass circulation which lacks guts and depth.

His aim is to elevate the discourse away from our trivial aims of feeling good all the time and being up on the latest tantric practice or en vogue plant medicine ritual, for contacting true meaning and being of service to others and – especially – those we are in close, intimate, relationship with.

As many of us navigate the challenging horizons of relationship, money, business and – of course – the aim of the “Our Bright Future” series: the longing to recreate society in a more enlightened image – digging into our bodies and clearing old wounds and patterns is job #1. And for many of us, these mostly show up in our most intimate relationships – partners, kids, parents, friends.

They also show up in our sex lives, our relationship with social media, mobile devices, food and…well, basically everything. In this world, it is exceedingly rare to find someone who has moved beyond most of these patterns which currently plague us, but Chris Bale is undoubtedly one such individual.

Chris is a Master Energy Healer and Spiritual Mentor, who refers to himself as – basically – “a reminder”. Of who and what we, naturally, already are. Chris has worked with thousands of people, lives a nomadic lifestyle (currently based in Tulum, Mexico) and helps individuals locally as well as virtually, around the world. His remote energy healings are extraordinary, as Stephen can attest (“he had me moaning and writhing on the bed having released a deeply held distortion in my body and he was a thousand miles away from me…my wife and daughter were concerned! It was extraordinary”).

Our aim with this conversation with Chris will be to gain his deep and incredibly precise perspective on the issues which ail us, and hold us in the bandwidth of the old world. We will probe the specific challenges both sexes face as both men and women seek to rise and embody a more natural state of being.

  • What does a truly natural and embodied man or woman look and feel like? Why is this so rare?
  • How do both sexes interact in relationship once truly cleared of the deeper patterns which plague many of us?
  • How will communities form around this sacred union?
  • What is the sacred nature of sexual union and how does it support the health of relationships, communities and society as a whole?
  • What are the main ways in which we sabotage ourselves and our power today which keep us from realizing a more elevated society?
  • How can we stand strong and empowered in the face of an encroaching political order seeking to rob us of our natural sovereignty and autonomy?

Full disclosure: Stephen (half of team Ownstream) is currently working with Chris as his coach and mentor. And I (Stephen speaking here) can honestly say, I’ve met very few people as frank or aligned as Chris Bale.

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