OS7: Scot & Emily McKay – A Life Of Adventure, Love & Sharing The World With Your Kids

Scot & Emily McKay’s first date was over breakfast at an IHOP in San Antonio, and since that fateful morning, they have made it a habit of breaking all the rules. They own and operate their own online business, live much of the year on the road and make it a point to go to off-the-beaten path locales such as Ethiopia, Cappadocia, India and more. In this episode, learn about traveling with children, building a business while traveling (note Scot’s amazing digital nomad experience during a rainstorm) and how real love is never work.

OS6: Dr. Pam Popper – The Power of Plants & Overthrowing Our Broken Healthcare System

Coffee, Cookies & Cheese. This was the basic, daily diet for Pam Popper (before she was “Dr.” Pam Popper). She was overweight, unhappy and exhausted. She was 38. And she smoked 4 packs of cigarettes per day. Now, she is one of the preeminent experts in the expanding field of diet and chronic, western disease. She, like Dr. T. Colin Campbell & Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, is now at the forefront of a true revolution. One which advocates eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet, eliminating processed foods (as much as possible) and learning how to tell your doctor, “no”. In this interview, Dr. Popper most importantly shares with us the urgent need to move away from the standard western diet, embracing a whole-foods, plant-based diet (WFPB). She also discusses the tragedy of modern medicine & her new, empowered vision of healthcare.

OS5: Andrew & Gabriella Morrison – Tiny Houses, Family & Redefining the “American Dream”

Andrew & Gabriella Morrison

Andrew & Gabriella Morrison join us on Ownstream Podcast Ep 5 to discuss their “hOMe” tiny house, radical lifestyle design & redefining the “American Dream”. A few years ago, the Morrisons sold 90% of what they owned – including their large house – and moved to Baja for 5 months to repattern and redesign their lives. Now, they live on 5 acres in the gorgeous Oregon countryside, in their 317 sq. foot tiny house and teach others how to go tiny, creating more freedom, abundance and connection in their lives.

OS4: Colin Beavan – Impact, Finding Your Calling & “How To Be Alive”

Author & “No Impact Man” Colin Beavan reveals how to live an impactful life, why cars suck & how becoming the “Patriarch of the Eco-Manson’s” (per Stephen Colbert) gave him a powerful platform for service. For over a decade, Colin has been focused on the nature of impact. First, through his “No Impact Man” project where he actively demonstrated how to stop harming the planet by becoming more conscious of our consumption choices. Second, on how to delve more deeply into our individual “calling”, enabling us to powerfully impact others by authentically living our unique gifts. In this Ownstream Podcast interview, Colin educates, informs & inspires us to know why, now more than ever, our gift is urgently needed – for the sake of ourselves & the broader collective of humanity. Learn “How To Be Alive” in this interview with Colin Beavan.

OS3: Tynan, Beyond “The Game” – RV Living, Buying an Island, Chipotle & More

Tynan The Game

Tynan’s life goes far beyond his time as Herbal in “The Game”. In this portrait, he discusses living in an RV, selling everything he owned & traveling the world for a year, his career as a professional gambler, participating in the World Series of Poker, eating the same thing at Chipotle every day, the 2 sites he uses to get great flight deals, buying an island in Nova Scotia, minimalism & so much more. Tynan is the Ownstream prototype, thinking – and living – outside of the box in virtually every area of life. He’s an original, and a true source of inspiration for those of us seeking what lies beyond the mainstream way of life. You are certain to view your life from a new angle after listening to this interview with Tynan. Enjoy!

OS2: Stacey Murphy – From Urban Farmer to Digital Nomad

Stacey Murphy was on her way to her day job some years ago in New York City, when her body simply would not allow her to go any further. She called in sick and wandered over to a farmers market. Here, observing the interplay between farmer, food and soil, she felt the exciting stir towards entrepreneurship. 6 months later, she quit her job and embarked on her journey as an urban farmer in Brooklyn. She now lives as a digital nomad, teaching people from around the world to grow their own food. Learn about her journey and more in this episode of the Ownstream Podcast.