OS63: Brandy Gillmore – Our Unlimited Power to Heal Chronic Pain

Miracles are a retelling in small letters of the very same story which is written across the whole world in letters too large for some of us to see.

~ C. S. Lewis

Brandy Gillmore refused to take “no” for an answer.

After a car accident and a fall that injured her spine, the former athlete was left with devastating, chronic pain throughout her body. She spent days – years – laying in bed, watching TV, with a constant morphine supply that couldn’t even ease the pain, using a wheelchair, walker – and later, a cane – to get around. Determined to heal this pain, and live a full life, she simply could not – would not – believe what every doctor told her: that there was no solution to heal her condition.

A bright light seemed to emerge from this tunnel of darkness when Brandy was invited to join an experimental study, until her doctor told her that her condition was too hopeless for her to participate. It was at that moment, at the depth of despair and hopelessness, that she was struck with the realization that led her to glimpse hope, and find her own way out – she remembered the placebo effect.

That is: in the countless hours of research on health and healing she had done since her accident, she remembered reading many stories of people getting well just taking the placebo – that is, the inactive pill, the non-remedy, to provide a control group for the study of a treatment. What if she didn’t need to be in this study at all? What if the solution to her dilemma lay outside of the traditional system of health and healing in our society… and in her own mind?

What if… she could heal herself?

As we can see meeting and listening to the vibrant, healthy, powerful Brandy of today, the answer was a resounding – YES. Today, Brandy walks with ease, strength, and free from any pain of support, sharing her message of empowerment, and teaching others how to heal themselves too.

In this extraordinary conversation, learn all about Brandy’s journey from chronic pain and desperation to power, vitality and purpose. Specifically, we discuss:

  • The vast buffet of ways Brandy tried to heal herself, the limits of the mainstream health care approach, and the self-directed techniques that finally worked;
  • Her dramatic physical healing, and how it led to a totally new, fuller way of living, and dynamic sense of purpose;
  • How Brandy now helps others to relieve their own pain and infinite other bodily disorders in a matter of minutes; and
  • The power of our emotions in our sickness and health: how the emotions we bury deep within our subconscious mind can wreak havoc on our body and life if left unseen, and how also they are keys to freedom, vitality and profound transformation if uncovered and healed.

Even if you do not suffer from physical pain, Brandy’s story confirms for all of us that we have the power to create our own well being, that consciousness is the true power, and that each of us has more of it than we could ever possibly need.


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