OS45: Best of 2017 – New Paradigms for Limitless Living

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.

~ Oprah Winfrey

Ownstream Podcast It is remarkable what can change in a year when you start saying yes to life, and follow your own true resonance.

This year, we made many changes that had long been calling:

  • We quit all remaining jobs to pursue our true joy, excitement, and service to the world.
  • We sold our home, bought a sprinter van, and took off into the wild unknown with our daughter.
  • We started a business, Ownstream, after years of imagining it, and devoted ourselves fully to our callings–to people awakening, knowing their infinite potential, and living free, abundant lives.

We started Ownstream this year to amplify the message that every person can live their highest truth, joy, and excitement. That prescribed paths are entirely optional. That individual resonance and feeling is valid, and is, in fact, our greatest, truest guide. And that the very intention of life is to follow that resonance. Great joy, experiences, lessons, and service await that call. The only “work” is to follow it.

Our first creation in service of this mission was the Ownstream Podcast, which sought to share the stories of people doing just this–following their own resonance, listening to their pain and joy as guides, and using them as direction to pave their own paths in life. Paths that arch toward freedom and abundance, and that evince new and dynamic paradigms for limitless living that are open to everyone.

Assembling this trail of inspiration one conversation at a time over the course of the year by following our own excitement, we found when synthesizing our “Best of 2017” episode that we had in the process created a new and vibrant tribe–a circle of awakened and empowered souls saying YES to living their highest potential, and to serving others, bearing and sharing infinite depths of wisdom and inspiration. We were enlivened, filled up, and moved to tears re-listening to these conversations, selecting quotes and assembling the best content of the year for this episode.

Specifically, we feature excerpts relating the belief systems and transformational turning points of our guests, and content on the following topical paradigm shifts: tiny/mobile living; health and healing through diet; alternative education; entrepreneurship; redefining work as following your calling or excitement; and the new financial world of cryptocurrency (see below for a detailed index of episodes featured). Finally, we share beautiful, moving reflections from our guests about the joy of living in one’s true calling, unique expression, and service to the world.

It is tremendous what can change in a year when you refuse anymore to listen to the prescriptions of others, and begin to surround yourself only with the voices and energy of those who resonate, and who will tune you to your own highest frequency. You may find an entirely different you at the end. Or one that has been there all the time, just waiting… yearning.. leaping inside to be expressed.

It is possible for everyone to do this, and a gift we intend to give with this Best of 2017 episode. Our hope is that you will find someone and something in this episode that resonates, and that will call you to move further in the direction of your own great truth, joy, and calling.

What else is there, really, to do with this life?


Ownstream Best of 2017 Episode Index