OS40: Benita Conde – Radical Love & Aligning Everything With Her Calling

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life

~ Mark Batterson

For a coach, a client like Benita Conde is a dream come true.

She is open and willing. She is wise and mature.

And, at the outset of our time working with her, she was somewhat unaware of the great promise within her.

She had a hunch there was something inside, but hadn’t given herself the chance to fully explore and awaken this gift.

So, for us, there was not only the joy of working with someone who felt the urgency to change (and change everything) but also the knowing that what would awaken and emerge would be….spectacular.

Indeed, this is what transpired through our 12+ week coaching process with Benita. She went from working in a career – and a lifestyle – she wanted to massively upgrade, to radically transforming it all into a fully empowered, love-filled design where she now runs her own business (the aptly named “Create Radical Love”, linked below), serves others as a coach, nourishes her family with all manner of goodness, dances for the pure joy of it and spends her days doing, more or less, what she wants.

All in about 6 months time.

For us, and for many, many other coaches, the challenge is – and has always been – how to serve people so that they will REALLY transform. What is the secret ingredient?

What you eventually realize is that no amount of structure, inspiration or clarity will ultimately do it. This is crucial, for sure, and is without a doubt the responsibility of the coach. But, the key to full transformation is within the client – something we call urgent willingness.

The Conde family on vacation at the Outer Banks, NC

A person has to be so ready for change, so exhausted with the “old” and…not yet completely asleep to their dreams and to the certain magic available to anyone who steps off the old, toxic treadmill.

Benita didn’t “hate” her job or her old career, she didn’t despise where she lived or how she ate. But, still awake within her was the knowing that it didn’t have to be this way. There was more. And, she needed help.

It’s the last part that might be the difference. So many try to access the magic all by themselves. And though it is possible, the truth is that most fail simply because the forces against you are strong and have momentum. A coach is the momentum blocker and is certainly a key to the powerful transformation happening on the planet.

The 3 of us at a retreat in Sedona

More and more people are hearing the call, and heeding it.

For us, our coaching path is one especially suited to those who want a full exit from the mainstream “matrix” of life. The meaningless job, the unhealthy lifestyle (food, sleep, drink – you name it), and the lack of freedom felt within.

And when we began working with Benita, it was clear that she was the perfect fit for what we offer.

In this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, we talk with Benita about her experience working with us and how she applied our teaching and created a wildly new and vibrant life for herself and her family.

Her story is much like every Ownstream guest – she had had enough with the old, and made some radical changes in order to create…the new.

For those seeking a complete transformation in their lives, this episode is certain to move and inspire you. Benita is accessible, she is warm and joyful, she radiates love and generosity and is clearly someone with both feet anchored to the ground. But, she is also someone who has decidedly placed her head and heart in the stars.

And the result of this magical combo is nothing short of…radical.


Benita Conde

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Episode photo of guest by Syvonne Kozuch

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