OS23: Ayanna Mojica – Mysticism, Feminine Power & Wealth Attraction

When your desires are strong enough you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.

~ Napoleon Hill

Ayanna Mojica


This was how much money Ayanna Mojica had left in her bank account after the most difficult period of her life. Her partner had recently passed away, she felt suicidal and lost, she was nearly broke.

Just a few weeks later, she had over $5000. A few weeks after that, she was up to over $10,000. Since that challenging time, she has not looked back and has used this dramatic transition and subsequent success as a beacon of light for others.

Ayanna’s calling is to empower women to claim their natural birthright of wealth. She helps women clear blocks with money, become more successful in business and life while embracing their innate radiance and power.

But, Ayanna is much, much more than this. Her life has been littered with all manner of fascinating spiritual experience. It began at the knee of her grandmother in Puerto Rico, pondering what lies beyond the veil of the visible. She has been visited, traveled afar and ventured very deep.

In this conversation, we probe these profound and mysterious experiences and Ayanna delivers. What we see is a life of dimension, a true mystic, where higher ideas can be activated here through her vessel. She views herself as a conduit for the new earth, one who is shepherding a higher level of consciousness for the rest of us to embrace.

(NOTE: We discuss “the new earth” ideal and what that specifically means)

Also, we delve into the law of attraction and why “The Secret” sells it short. She offers some clarity on this provocative idea, and provides a roadmap for realizing its essence of co-creatorship and empowered manifestation.

In other words, hold onto your hats.

This conversation with Ayanna is an invitation into what lies beyond what we see. Ayanna’s life is both a roadmap for those of us interested in a broader understanding of consciousness and a toolbox for anyone seeking the ultimate leverage of having the universe at our backs, manifesting and creating with joy, love and service.


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