OS35: Anurag Gupta – Live Your Calling, Have Enough & Be Awesome

We must be willing to get rid of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.

~ Joseph Campbell

Anurag Gupta

For Anurag Gupta, life is simple.

He currently lives out of a small pack and his motorcycle (pictured below), doesn’t market himself in the traditional sense, barely touches social media and carries a clear vision that could transform our world.

And, for those fortunate enough to meet and work with him – he makes a deep, and profound, impact.

He sees so much potential joy around him which he seeks to awaken, customizing a teaching that can be delivered to many making a profoundly happy and meaningful life accessible for anyone.

His maxim is clear – find, and live, your calling.

Once discovered, build an architecture and environment that can support the activation of this truth. Then, go for it. Have fun. “Be awesome”.

Anurag’s life is a pure reflection of his work. On more than one occasion, he has given away all of his things (including his money) and changed everything in support of his powerful purpose: that people know that they are source.

In other words, you are the source of your own joy, abundance and freedom. No one else is – you are.

We first became aware of Anurag via the spiritual teacher, Bentinho Massaro. Last January, Anurag appeared at one of Bentinho’s events and laid out his refreshingly clear – and uncompromising – vision for how to live. This talk led us to drop everything that didn’t align with both of our callings, sell most of our stuff, and travel the west coast in a converted Dodge Sprinter camper van with our 1-year old daughter, Sofia.

It was the exact kick in the butt we needed, and it has meant everything…

Anurag Gupta

We are currently wrapping up this trip, having arrived in Sedona for – amongst other things – a Bentinho Massaro event. But, this has easily been the most dynamic and powerful few months ever for us, helping us to more and more embody our callings and live, more and more, in alignment with this true joy and excitement.

We have also never been as clear on who we are, what we are doing and what we stand for.

And, we trace it directly back to Anurag.

Thus, we were overjoyed to speak with him and he did not disappoint. For nearly 90 minutes we discuss:

  • How to find your calling in life (and why it’s never actually about you)
  • What alignment truly looks like, and how changing your architecture and environment to suit your calling is imperative
  • Integrity – what it actually means, and how your calling becomes your true north across all areas of life
  • The crucial difference between “creating” and “consuming” and how the majority of people live mostly “consuming” and how it never leads to a joyful life
  • His policy on who he works with, and why he frequently says “no”
  • How, by simply following your calling, and staying as true to it as you possibly can, can lead you into a life beyond what you can currently envision for yourself (and why “letting go” of your vision for what you want might be the best thing for you to do)

And so, so much more. Anurag’s vision for how to live is incredibly simple. And, yet, the full activation of it might prove to be the ultimate, and most fulfilling, challenge in anyone’s life. We hope you enjoy this one, and find his message as inspiring as we do.

Anurag Gupta

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