Our Bright Future #17: Judy Koons — Toward Total Freedom from the Food and Medical Systems

Judy Koons

“Our Bright Future” Session #17
Featuring Special Guest: Judy Koons
(replay available below)

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In these times, as the world changes rapidly, and there is a sense that the systems we’ve been taught to rely on are coming apart at the seams, many of us are thinking – sometimes daily – about building our autonomy from the food and medical systems.

If it wasn’t already clear to most of us before early 2020 that we couldn’t rely on the medical system, that has since become evident. Being shut out or threatened out of our typical sources of food and supplies, and with ongoing rumors of  potential supply chain breakdowns, many of us are thinking too about becoming autonomous of the mainstream food industry. Knowing that the external controls being attempted are all about money, and a financial crash could happen any day, we are looking toward new methods of exchange and the development of new, resilient local economies based in care and bonds of affection.

Of course, the internal call for greater sovereignty from these artificial and corrupt systems has been with most of us for a very long time. In our most authentic selves, we yearn to be free, realize our true power, and transcend all of these apparent external authorities and control systems. In other words, while it may seem that we are being pushed into looking for solutions outside the mainstream by the current circumstances, in reality, our hearts are leaping as our instructions turn on.

Typically, thoughts of and plans for autonomy in these areas tend to look like beginning to grow your own food, or connecting with local farmers, and in the case of the medical and “health care” systems, strengthening your immunity, acquiring supplements that will strengthen your ability to ward off and heal from illness, and looking for friendly practitioners.

But what if a whole other level of autonomy is possible? What if with the changing frequencies on the planet, our bodies – and our identification with our bodies – are changing to such a degree, that at some point, maybe even soon, food will no longer be necessary, and our bodies will be restored so vitally to their natural states that illness is a long forgotten memory? What if we will realize in our own experience our bodies as an energy field, a field of frequency nourished by alignment, not by food? Many of us feel deep down that this is possible, but have not yet tasted such a reality.

This is, in fact, the exciting path that Judy Koons has recently found herself on, and which she joyfully seeks to help others follow. Judy’s journey to attain and maintain optimal health has been a life long study. From a very young age, she found herself dealing with chronic illness, migraines, and symptoms she couldn’t quite describe. Her research into possible causes and remedies was extensive, leading her to leave no stone unturned in her quest for relief (leading her friends and family to call her the “True Health Detective”, a name she now uses for her work with others at truehealthdetective.com). She built up extensive experience over the years with food, herbs, oils, spiritual guidance and intuition to keep herself and her family in top health.

Since unearthing her own health solutions, Judy has been helping others to reclaim health and come back to sovereignty for the last 30 years. Most prominently, she has trained practitioners to use Medical Medium information as a foundation and path to food freedom.

More recently, however, Judy’s experience has moved beyond even these life-changing health reclamation modalities, and she has been noticing in this times many things dropping away, including a need for food. She has spent lengthy periods without eating or having any desire to eat. She has sensed her physical experience in a new way, seeing herself beyond the body, and entirely capable of vital health independent of any need for food or medical systems that most people in our society rely heavily upon. While occasionally she still eats socially, and still loves her garden, she has found a sovereignty and realization of a life beyond the food and medical systems, which she is eager to share with others. Judy knows from her own experience that this state is possible, ultimately, for everyone, and is likely the way of the future.

In this very exciting and hopeful interview with Judy, we plan to cover:

  • Judy’s journey as the True Health Detective – her early symptoms and passionate journey to discover our natural state of radiant health and vitality
  • Her experiences healing herself and leading others on a path to healing, through Medical Medium practices and other intuitive methods
  • Her more recent experiences living without food, hunger, or a desire to eat; what this experience felt like in the body, how she nourishes herself, and how she believes she arrived at this state
  • True autonomy from the food and medical systems; how the body’s natural health can be maintained totally free of external “health care”
  • How others who resonate with this path can move in the direction of total freedom from the food and medical systems
  • What she knows about our natural state of health and well being, her own experiences, and what she sees as the future of health as the planet moves forward

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