Theresa Sgobba
Theresa glowing in Bali

Loving partner, mother, daughter, friend and One with all that is; writer, photographer and filmmaker; plant foods geek, wannabe farmer and chef; wild road and world adventurer; yogi; soul intuitive and coach; and co-creator of Ownstream.

Background: from the very early years, a perfectionist, by-the-book student, I busted my butt all the way through a top law school in the U.S. and legal career in NYC, where I worked as a change agent and consultant for government agencies and private foundations. Throughout my mainstream education and career, I always wanted to help young people growing up in poverty, violence and the justice system to find a way out, and it was only when I woke up myself that I realized the only way out is to find the Power we all have within.

I have since been committed to raising consciousness on the planet, and specifically, to people knowing their own true Power as extensions of the one infinite Creator. I express this calling today as a mother, writer and co-creator of Ownstream, where we help others to awaken to their infinite freedom and power, transcend the (optional) mental and physical matrix installed by others, and create the truest, most epic expression of their greatest joy.