Stephen, post haircut, in Portland, OR

Husband, daddy, son, pal and dog lover; former actor, active theater director and producer; passionate filmmaker and photographer; above average golfer and very below average surfer; adventurer, platform builder and advocate for freedom and expansion in all areas of life.

Background: above average student and proud Tar Heel, I cut loose in the big metropolis of NYC in 1994 seeking an arts career. Blessed to work with Merce Cunningham from ’94-’98, serving as his assistant while traveling the world. My acting career made a hard right into pick-up artistry (not a typo) in 2003, leading me to move to LA for 7 months and be featured in Neil Strauss’ The Game. For 12 years, I taught men how to get a girlfriend, along with running my successful online dating business. From 2012-2016, I created and produced the annual BEAT Festival in Brooklyn, NY. For five years, I was honored to work with some of the most compelling and forward-thinking artists of our time. 

Currently, my passion is expressed via Ownstream and our sacred mission to help people awaken, exit the matrix and create a rich and meaningful life for themselves. I am also in the early stages of creating a new work of immersive theater called the Great Awakening.