OS44: Stephen & Theresa – A Year of Following Our Excitement (+ More)

If you do follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while waiting for you, and the life you ought to be living is the one you are living.

~ Joseph Campbell

We’ve recently been reviewing past podcast episodes for our “Best of 2017” show set for release next week. We started with episode 1, which was the two of us laying out the intentions for the podcast and for our year. This episode was recorded at the beginning of 2017.

We were simply amazed at how most of our intentions were realized and directly experienced through the year, specifically:

  • Creating the Ownstream Podcast (& Ownstream itself)
  • To travel the west in a “Sprinter van or Airstream”
  • To dive into the teachings and community of Bentinho Massaro

As we pause for a beat during the holiday season, we wanted to share about our direct experiences with these aims and how, by simply following our excitement, all manner of coincidence and possibility were unleashed into our lives.

Specifically, we share about what it has felt like to align everything with our callings, throwing ourselves into Ownstream and remaking our lives to serve others through this work; to live freely closer to nature; and to pursue a direct and powerful understanding of God, infinite power and possibility. Throughout our conversation, we discuss the powerful influence that Bentinho Massaro’s teachings have had on our lives this year. We also address some press Bentinho has recently received, and how our lengthy, direct and personal experience with Bentinho and his beautiful, awakened community this year belies these critiques.

Mostly though, our aim here is to inspire you to leave behind your limiting beliefs and boldly step into a confident, empowered place as we embark upon the year 2018.

All in all, our aim with this podcast — as with Ownstream more generally as an engine of personal and collective transformation — is to inspire you to leave behind any lingering limiting beliefs holding you back as this year closes, and boldly step into a confident, empowered place as we embark together upon the new year in 2018.