Radical Lifestyle Redesign III: Time to “Burn The Boats” (Or, Your Moment of Confirmation)

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Many people want to change their lives, but few actually do – why is this? Perhaps it’s because they aren’t truly “all in”. What then separates those who succeed from those who don’t? Virtually everyone we have spoken with on the Ownstream Podcast, or just in the flow of life, who has pulled off of the mainstream path creating something truly their “own” have done what we call “burn the boats”. In other words, they have taken irrevocable, and often dramatic, action in the direction of their life’s calling. This sometimes means leaving a job, moving across the world, selling everything and traveling or some other radically different, out of the box, act. In this article, we discuss why this is so and break down the specific steps to successfully designing your own “burn the boats” (or “confirmation”, as we call it) moment.

OS28: Stacie Malkus – The Healing Power of Oils + The Rise of Network Marketing

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Stacie Malkus never saw herself in sales, much less network marketing. So, when an opportunity to become a rep with an essential oils business came her way, she balked. That is, until she saw how powerful the oils were when she used them to help her daughter’s sleep. After Brooklyn took a 3-hour nap, mommy became a believer. Now, she oversees a 40K member team, selling healthy essential oils to those craving an alternative to the mainstream path of medicine and drugs. This episode began as an exploration of these oils and how wide-ranging and beautifully effective they are in treating all manner of illness and injury. But, along the way, we realized that this episode was also about the return of network marketing as a viable, powerful business for those who’d rather not sit at a desk all day. In the last couple of years, Stacie has grown her business to becoming the lone bread winner in her family (she “retired her husband” a few years ago), and now their family enjoys more time together, enjoying the outdoors (surfing in particular), traveling and more. For those seeking ways to treat pain and illness more holistically AND for people who desire an elegant alternative to working 9-5, then this podcast is for you. Enjoy!

OS26: Theresa & Stephen – Come Play With Us This Summer + Other Updates

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What happens when you decide to change EVERYTHING about your life? What fears and other challenges arise, and how do you deal with them? This forms the bulk of this podcast episode, where we as co-hosts (Theresa & Stephen) delve into the inner reality of making massive changes in life and how we are successfully managing these challenges and maintaining peace, joy & love through the process. Also, we discuss our general route through the western US from late July ’17 thru Oct ’17 (& beyond) and how you can connect with us in person along the way! This episode was a bit scary for us, as we delve into the intimacies of our inner (and outer) journey. We hope you will listen with an open mind, and see a bit of yourself in our challenges and triumphs. Enjoy!

OS22: Andy Austin – Year #1 In His Van, Redefining Freedom, Risk & Home

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So, what’s it like living full-time in a van? Scan the hashtag #vanlife on Instagram, and prepare to ooh and aah and the majesty of the earth through the eyes of van dwellers worldwide. You would probably stumble across some of the breathtaking imagery of professional photographer Andy Austin, who for the past year has lived full-time in his 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500. Traveling throughout the west, and mostly back and forth across his beloved home state of Montana, Andy has built quite the following online and has amassed some amazing stories from his time on the road. We discuss many specifics, namely how does he: eat, poop, sleep, work, relax and make coffee? Where does he park at night? What are some of his favorite places to boondock? What are some of his favorite memories from the last year? What challenges has he stared down and gotten through? We discuss all facets of #vanlife with the very candid, eloquent and adventurous Andy Austin in this episode of the Ownstream Podcast. Enjoy!

OS16: Bridget Nielsen – High Vibration Foods, Exiting the Matrix, ETs & …Tim Ferriss?

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Something was off and Bridget Nielsen knew it. Her day job had brought her to a breaking point. It was through going within that she found both the answers to why she was unhappy and an entire “other” world that awaited her. Nowadays, she sees herself as a bridge connecting ideas and entities from beyond the “here and now” on earth TO those of us open and willing enough to listen. Yes, that’s right, we’re going to talk about ETs. Real ones. And they have an empowering message for us, if we can open to their message. In this episode, we discuss her connection with ETs and how anyone can connect with them, the interactive adventures she leads to the most beautiful places on earth, the importance of high vibration foods, the divine import of following your excitement, how to exit the “matrix” and detach from the toxic programming around us, and so much more. Enjoy!

OS12: Derek Loudermilk – Scientist & Cyclist Turned Artist Of Adventure

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Derek Loudermilk’s path in life has been anything but straight, but it has most certainly led him somewhere wonderful. His first career was microbiology. His next? Cycling coach. And now? Online business coach and archivist of adventure. So often, we hold ourselves back given we can’t see from “here” to “there”, but Derek has turned this into his most powerful asset. He’s willing to change directions, give it all up for something else and go for it. In this Ownstream Podcast interview we discuss Derek’s unique definition of adventure, the health scare that powerfully oriented him away from the mainstream, starting a cycling business in Spain, early family travel and his quest to see all 50 states and his current mission to help others run successful online businesses freeing them from the 9-5 in order to more fully live the calling of their own, unique adventure . Enjoy!

OS10: Andrew Henderson, the “Nomad Capitalist” – Go Where You’re Treated Best

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In a growing and shady world of financial complexity (tax law, passports and visas, emerging markets, bank accounts & more), it’s good to have an expert. Meet Andrew Henderson. Andrew’s mantra is simple: “go where you’re treated best”. Andrew has placed himself at the forefront of these important issues and aims to give you the advantage you need to both save more of your hard-earned money while making much more when you utilize it in the marketplace. Andrew is our guest on this week’s Ownstream podcast, and he discusses the new “safe havens” for potential ex-pats and investors, why Mexico is a far better place to flee than Canada if you fear Trump and reveals his current mobile lifestyle, which is sure to fascinate even the most savvy international business traveler. Enjoy!

OS9: Jon Block – Screenwriter Turned Entrepreneur & Messenger of Impact

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Coach and entrepreneur Jon Block knew something was off. He was a screenwriter in LA who spent much of his day typing on a keyboard, having little to no interaction with other people. It was through this utterly false scenario that he felt something truer calling to him within…”impact”. By making little to no impact on others and the world, he realized he deeply desired to do just that. A few years later, now a successful entrepreneur helping coaches present themselves with power and authenticity from the stage, Jon looks back during this interview to share his amazing story. Also, learn about his own powerful attempts at self-transformation (which worked) and learn insights into starting your own online business and why now is the ideal time to do so. Enjoy!

OS8: Jodi Ettenberg – The Unending Adventures of a Lawyer Turned Traveler, Foodie, Speaker & Storyteller

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For years, modern day digital nomad Jodi Ettenberg had dreamed of….Siberia? After enough time spent in her corporate legal career, she took a 1-year sabbatical to make the journey across Russia’s eastern taiga to satisfy an urge which began while watching an early documentary on the region when she was a child. 9 years later, her trip continues as she is still on the road (Oaxaca, Mexico at the time of this interview), exploring the world and it’s many cultures and flavors. In this interview, learn how she went to law school “on a bet”, has thrived as a celiac on the road, has built a thriving, and unconventional business – “Legal Nomads” – all from her laptop and has become one of the world’s most sought after speakers on all things travel, entrepreneurship and, of course, food. Enjoy!

OS7: Scot & Emily McKay – A Life Of Adventure, Love & Sharing The World With Your Kids

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Scot & Emily McKay’s first date was over breakfast at an IHOP in San Antonio, and since that fateful morning, they have made it a habit of breaking all the rules. They own and operate their own online business, live much of the year on the road and make it a point to go to off-the-beaten path locales such as Ethiopia, Cappadocia, India and more. In this episode, learn about traveling with children, building a business while traveling (note Scot’s amazing digital nomad experience during a rainstorm) and how real love is never work.