OS24: Kimberly & Theo Hanson – How They Beat Cancer & Got Busy Living

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It might be the most dreaded word in the western world – cancer. Many live in sheer terror at receiving this diagnosis from their doctor, certain it means death or a highly compromised life going forward. Modern medicine’s approach is to remove the tumor and then, by way of radiation and chemotherapy, eliminate any remaining cancerous tissues before these toxic treatments kill the person. A race, in other words, where only the strong survive. Many now are finding different approaches to this dreaded condition and finding not only success in reversing the disease, but a wildly new and vibrant lease on life. Enter Kimberly and Theo Hanson, who used a special juicing protocol to reverse her breast cancer and help him to lose over 100 lbs. The two of them now are on a mission to share their powerful message, inspire others and change the conversation about cancer from treating the symptom (tumors) to changing the toxic lifestyle which creates these frightening symbols of a culture gone awry. Enjoy!

OS23: Ayanna Mojica – Mysticism, Feminine Power & Wealth Attraction

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Ayanna Mojica was down to her final $125. She was heartbroken, suicidal, she could barely move. Within days she had a new business and had over $5K in coaching clients, within a few weeks she had hit 5 figures and hasn’t looked back since. This is the magic of hitting bottom, and it’s the power of using a heart-centered approach to business, entrepreneurship and life. Ayanna Mojica calls herself a Priestess, meaning she bridges the sacred (invisible) and the tangible (visible). Her aim is to empower women to own their financial birthright. She wants women happy, radiant and wealthy. In this episode, she discusses how important this is in our culture today, how to actually use law of attraction (and how “The Secret” was incomplete), how she helps women become mega successful and she candidly reveals some of her most powerful, spiritual experiences. For anyone (man or woman) who is interested in the intersection between wealth and spirituality, this episode is sure to fascinate. Enjoy!

OS22: Andy Austin – Year #1 In His Van, Redefining Freedom, Risk & Home

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So, what’s it like living full-time in a van? Scan the hashtag #vanlife on Instagram, and prepare to ooh and aah and the majesty of the earth through the eyes of van dwellers worldwide. You would probably stumble across some of the breathtaking imagery of professional photographer Andy Austin, who for the past year has lived full-time in his 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500. Traveling throughout the west, and mostly back and forth across his beloved home state of Montana, Andy has built quite the following online and has amassed some amazing stories from his time on the road. We discuss many specifics, namely how does he: eat, poop, sleep, work, relax and make coffee? Where does he park at night? What are some of his favorite places to boondock? What are some of his favorite memories from the last year? What challenges has he stared down and gotten through? We discuss all facets of #vanlife with the very candid, eloquent and adventurous Andy Austin in this episode of the Ownstream Podcast. Enjoy!

OS21: Cara Thomas – “Serenflipity” & How Choosing Adventure Can Change A Life

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Cara Thomas was stuck. She was tired of her day job, her relationship had just ended, New York was wearing her out. She knew that life could be more than this, so like more and more people, she dropped it all and headed to Asia. She purchased a 1-way ticket to Mumbai, and did not look back. Prior to her departure, inspiration struck – ask her closest friends to give her small challenges to do along the way, enabling her to both pursue adventure but also invite serendipity and spontaneity into her daily experience. Since she loosely planned to be away for 90 days, she asked for (and received) 90 cards. These actions ranged from paying it forward by purchasing a treat for someone behind you in line to asking a stranger for a mantra. So, of course one of these led her to meeting Steven Tyler in a Bangkok hotel and the other…to connecting with us in a cafe in Ubud, Bali. We’ve been pals ever since, and we’re honored to share her wonderfully organic entrepreneurial journey with you. She shares here how “Serenflipity” has naturally grown into a full-blown business, how travel helped her get unstuck in her life, her 90-day structure to life experiments and how serendipity is less “magic” and more a state of mind, available to anyone, anytime. Enjoy!

OS20: Theresa Sgobba – “Going Whole”, How to Transition to a Plant-Based Diet

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Fierce determination. This describes the look on Theresa’s face after watching the documentary, “Forks Over Knives”. Having always suspected that her diet was “off” & while currently watching her father suffer from cancer (which, as she learned in the film, is directly connected to eating meat and dairy), Theresa’s mission became clear: transition to the whole food, plant-based (WFPB) diet and, then, help others do the same. The result has been a dramatic transition across virtually every area of her life – weight loss, sleep, fitness, focus, feeling connected with nature, even the birth of her daughter – all directly helped by her diet. On this episode of the Ownstream Podcast, she discusses the 4 steps to effectively transition from any diet to the WFPB diet, the myths surrounding protein and calcium, she reveals her dramatic history with food, health, body image and healing and so much more, plus how you can work with her to help enact these dramatic changes in your life too. Enjoy!

OS19: Khe Hy – On Leaving Wall St, His Happiness Quotient, “Rad Reads” & More

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Khe Hy had it made (so to speak). He was a rising star at a major firm on Wall St, was receiving regular bonuses he simply couldn’t possibly spend and was admired by anyone who met or knew him. And yet…he wasn’t happy. On Khe’s scale, he was about a 6 or 6.5 out of 10. Much to his surprise, money did not equate to happiness. So, he did what virtually no one does in that position – he quit. Nowadays, some two years later, the Khe Hy happiness quotient floats around 9.5 out of 10 on most days, he makes plenty of money (though not nearly as much as before) and he shares valuable content via his rapidly growing “RadReads” list, talks to millennials on SnapChat daily and dotes on his daughter, wife and friends. He has realized one of life’s best kept secrets: happiness is a choice, and from it stem all sorts of wonders. Khe’s life now reveals this truth, and his story is sure to inspire anyone loaded down in a career or life path that doesn’t truly excite them. We are honored to include Khe’s story on this episode of the Ownstream Podcast. Enjoy!

OS18: Stephen & Theresa – Bentinho Massaro’s “Endless Bliss” Retreat

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A very quick episode this week, as we’ve just returned from Sedona and our truly amazing 2-day seminar with Bentinho Massaro. The aptly named “How To Realize Endless Bliss” retreat was held in two parts – a 5-day session & a 2-day session. We attended the weekend, 2-day event. In short, it was remarkable and anyone who has even the faintest interest in spirituality, and truly waking up, owes it to themselves to become familiar with Bentinho and his teaching. What specifically did we learn and what was the experience like? And, what does Bentinho have planned next and how can you get involved?

OS17: Cory Katuna – The Sedona Experiment with Bentinho Massaro

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Cory Katuna met spiritual teacher Bentinho Massaro just two years ago and since that day her life has opened in ways she could not have dreamed of. His wondrous mantra: “follow your excitement” came naturally to her, as her belief in the need for an expansive empowerment in her life was evident and her pursuit of it, aligned and true. But, the pursuit of self-realization, or “enlightenment”, had barely interested her – that is, until the recently concluded the “Sedona Experiment” with Bentinho. This mysterious two week period involved Bentinho leading a group of 12 adepts through a strenuous and mind-shattering experiential training designed to more greatly contact the true self, the real “I” which is part of the One – or, God. After a mere 3 days, her life was forever changed…and there was still a full week and a half to go. Learn what Bentinho taught during this time period, and how it was received and absorbed by the participants. Many of Bentinho’s adepts feel his light is the brightest of our time. After this conversation with Cory, it is hard to disagree…enjoy!

OS16: Bridget Nielsen – High Vibration Foods, Exiting the Matrix, ETs & …Tim Ferriss?

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Something was off and Bridget Nielsen knew it. Her day job had brought her to a breaking point. It was through going within that she found both the answers to why she was unhappy and an entire “other” world that awaited her. Nowadays, she sees herself as a bridge connecting ideas and entities from beyond the “here and now” on earth TO those of us open and willing enough to listen. Yes, that’s right, we’re going to talk about ETs. Real ones. And they have an empowering message for us, if we can open to their message. In this episode, we discuss her connection with ETs and how anyone can connect with them, the interactive adventures she leads to the most beautiful places on earth, the importance of high vibration foods, the divine import of following your excitement, how to exit the “matrix” and detach from the toxic programming around us, and so much more. Enjoy!

OS15: Ronnie Landis – Food, Health, Longevity & Living Your Destiny

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Ronnie Landis fancied himself a professional basketball player. He had also spent years training as a martial artist, obtaining many a black belt along the way. But, a knee injury caused him to contemplate healing which opened up an entire world to him of nutrition, the power of living food & walking the true path towards fulfilling his destiny. He is now at the true leading edge of nutrition and self-transformation, making the clear claim that our diet IS the catalyst in becoming who we are truly meant to be, a fact often missed by those seeking to fully evolve. In this conversation learn about Ronnie’s path towards optimal nutrition, what “dis”ease truly is and how we can mitigate and reverse chronic conditions with food, how cooking food de-natures it reducing its ability to support health, that sobriety – for him – is about detoxifying from the illusions painted by the mainstream and stepping into a truly “magical” reality filled with spirit and possibility. Anyone interested in becoming fully expressed and making a powerful impact on the world will love this conversation with Ronnie Landis as virtually everything he says is filled with depth and profound inspiration. Enjoy!