OS18: Stephen & Theresa – Bentinho Massaro’s “Endless Bliss” Retreat

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way and not starting.

~ Buddha

Bentinho Massaro
Theresa at the Buddhist Stupa in Sedona

A very quick episode this week, as we’ve just returned from Sedona and our truly amazing 2-day event with Bentinho Massaro.

The aptly named “How To Realize Endless Bliss” retreat was held across two separate iterations – a 5-day session & a 2-day session. We attended the weekend, 2-day event.

The retreat was broken into 4 individual meetings (2/day) with Bentinho seated upon a small platform, and about 125 people in attendance. What we received was a rivetingly contemporary, highly relevant and leading edge discussion on who we are and what are actual possibilities are in this time.

In short, it was remarkable and anyone who has even the faintest interest in spirituality, and truly waking up, owes it to themselves to become familiar with Bentinho and his teaching.

What specifically did we learn and what was the experience like? And, what does Bentinho have planned next and how can you get involved?

This is all covered in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

(NOTE: We highly recommend listening to episode 17 with Cory Katuna in companion to this week’s episode to learn more about Bentinho’s current work)

Bentinho Massaro

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  • el

    Hello guys,

    two questions about a couple of things you mentioned during this podcast I just listened to:

    – between 7:30 and circa 8:00 Theresa says more than once a word I can’t understand (English is not my first language) about what Bentinho identifies as the main problem, it goes something like “a sense of…”, I can’t get if you say ‘location’ or something else (eg ‘vocation’).. What’s the word you (and he, at those retreats) used? I guess it was just ‘location’ but I’m not sure;

    – the other thing you said (it was Stephen this time) was about the retreat in St.Thomas where Bentinho just changed his path/view right in front of the audience.. I didn’t know about this and I just saw that it would be available on his website (the ‘tv’ one => https://bentinhomassaro.vhx.tv/products/st-thomas-retreat). Do you know what session that part is? Not sure I can buy it but I’d sure like to witness what you described so I’d keep that in mind.

    Thank you for your time and if you can reply.

    Before to go.. I found your website just because of my recent interest in Bentinho (then I’m browsing the net following my intuition to hear more of what he’s showing us), and so I don’t know much about your work, but I can say I liked this audio and the interview with Cori Katuna too. And, your projects for the travelling with the van sounds great, I wish you all the best for that and everything you feel to do, you are inspiring! 🙂

    I can also relate to some of the things you experienced, also about this interest of yours for Bentinho, perhaps cause I myself -like Stephen- studied Gurdjieff and his 4th Way for some time and have to say when at first I heard Bentinho I could find the same degree of freedom I felt with G.’s teachings, which in my experience is rare in the spiritual world, among teachers I mean..

    Anyway, thank you again!


    ps: yup, taking some time after similar experiences before immerging yourself in the rythms of life sounds like a very good idea…. I don’t even know how you managed to drive after that! I had to take days off last time something like that happened to me, before being able to reconnet with the world around me 😉

    • stephenbshelley

      Hi El! So delighted you found us and commented. THANK YOU. First, the word you’re struggling to hear there is “location”. So, it’s the sense that I am “here”, in this “body” and you are over “there” in your body…this utter collapse into form is the challenge. How to release this? This is the challenge. Also, re the St Thomas event – this shift occurred in the first day I believe. Perhaps it was the evening session? (so likely the 2nd or 3rd in the sequence). You will see him onstage with a young man named Anthony Thompson in fact (a lovely guy in his own right, doing amazing things…) when it occurs. It’s just on the heels of a longer interaction with a woman onstage. Where did you study the Gurdjieff teaching? A powerful one as well. Thanks again for connecting!

      • el

        Hello Stephen, and thanks a lot for your prompt and detailed reply, much appreciated!

        Okay, got it, about ‘location’. As also Theresa did, I’d probably use the term ‘identification’ instead, but I guess ‘location’ makes sense too in that context (sort of, placing ourselves in a limited ‘persona’ –idea of who/what we are-, than also having a limited perspective from there.. and the perception of separation that comes from that too).

        And if I manage to subscribe to his TV, then now I know where to look for that part of the St. Thomas retreat you mentioned, great.
        That caught my attention because I had sensed that this year something had changed for him, but since for now I can access only his free materials and there aren’t many recent (for the most, I watched the 2014-2016 videos, I’d say) I wasn’t sure what that was about.. After an initial enthusiasm, when I found the first videos, I then took a step back and now I’m doing my best to go through what he shares ‘cum grano salis’ also ’cause, as just said, I actually have no idea where he’s going at the moment with his teachings, haven’t heard enough yet.

        Btw, I saw that you did a podcast also about Anurag Gupta.. I’ll gladly listen to that too, because I was just curios to learn some more about him. I learned that they partner now for some events when I signed up for Bentinho’s “40-days Redesign” project, since one of the videos they send then is just with Anurag talking about ‘the calling’. Have you watched it? I still don’t know what to think of him, due to that ‘performance’, and that’s why I’m glad I can now hear some more about him.

        As for Mr. G… I studied his and his pupil’s written materials by myself, and the Enneagram and the Sacred Dances with two people who are long-term students of his.. well, his Way.
        ..I had never thought about this before, but now that I’m talking again about him with you I realized that to this day he is probably the only teacher that has never ‘disappointed’ me…. and, that in spite of the fact that I’m very picky!

        Thank you guys once more, this was nice 🙂

        Enjoy your travellings, both on the road and on the spirit realms!

        • stephenbshelley

          Yeah if you watch the St Thomas retreat, you’ll see Anurag there with Bentinho. Really great. Helped inspire Theresa to quit her job and all the adventures since. Yes, the teaching that Mr G brought was very powerful and definitely set the bar high. I was in the NY foundation for a decade. All the best to you!