The name “Ownstream” is a play on the word “mainstream”. More and more, people are moving away from conventional structures of living, making money and religion, creating their own paths, which arc toward more freedom and empowerment. Largely due to the internet, individuals are now able to connect and communicate with each other in new and expansive ways, revealing to one another empowered models of living and being that are often radically different from the norm. The Ownstream website and podcast seeks to become a focal point for these people and ideas.

The Ownstream logo highlights the primary themes of freedom and individuality by taking a standard blue, circular shape and having it evolve (moving clockwise) into a variety of shapes and colors. It also evokes the sense of balance and wholeness by utilizing an overall, circular shape. This is inspired by the zen “enso” circle itself a universal symbol of wholeness and completion.

Stephen & Theresa

Stephen and TheresaWe met in 2010, fell instantly in love, and got married in May, 2013 at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA. After honeymooning in Bali, we immediately knew that travel and adventure was to play a huge role in our relationship.

In 2014, we spent 3 months in Asia, living the digital nomad lifestyle, embracing minimalism by living out of 24L backpacks and experiencing the freedom of the vagabonding lifestyle.

We returned to Brooklyn and immediately decided to sell our home and move to Southern California, where we currently live. In May, 2016, our baby girl Sofia was born. We currently live in Encinitas, CA.

In the fall of 2017, we will be traveling through the American Southwest in a van, refurbished Airstream trailer or RV (still deciding) exploring many of the exciting ideas emerging at this time: minimalism, plant-based eating, mobile living, digital nomadism, etc. We intend to chronicle this on our Instagram page and on the Ownstream podcast.

Theresa SgobbaTheresa

Loving partner, mother, daughter and friend; plant foods geek and wannabe farmer; wild road and world adventurer; soul intuitive; writer and co-creator of Ownstream.

Background: by the book student and lawyer turned freedom charging digital entrepreneur; professional writer, communicator, and facilitator; practiced yogi warrior; aspiring photographer, nomad, athlete, and chef.




Husband, daddy, son, pal and lover of this fantastic dog; former actor, director and producer; passionate filmmaker and photographer; above average golfer and very below average surfer; adventurer, platform builder and advocate for freedom and expansion in all areas of life.

Background: above average student and proud Tar Heel, I cut loose in the big metropolis of NYC in 1994 seeking an arts career. Blessed to work with Merce Cunningham from ’94-’98, serving as his assistant while traveling the world. My acting career made a hard right into pick-up artistry (not a typo) in 2003, leading me to move to LA for 7 months and be featured in this book. For 12 years, I taught men how to get a girlfriend, along with running my successful online dating business. From 2012-2016, I created and produced the annual BEAT Festival in Brooklyn, NY. For five years, I was honored to work with some of the most compelling and forward-thinking artists in our day.