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There Is A Movement Happening...

A movement of profound change and radical transformation. Old paradigms and models for living are breaking down, and new ones are being built. These changes are happening in virtually every area of life—from business to birthing, from the types of homes we live in and the food we eat to our fundamental beliefs about God, our power to create our reality, and our ability to heal and thrive. Each area of life as we have been living it is being reexamined and seen anew.

There is one common and powerful motivator driving the development of these new paradigms, and that is a quest for FREEDOM.

Now, more than ever before, people like you and I are seeing the limitations of the models we have been taught—50 years in an office desk job, a life locked in school and mortgage debt, a diet that is killing us and our environment, a narrow and controlling God—and recognizing our ability to create lives of our own design—lives of abundance and freedom. A deep dissatisfaction with these limited notions has driven us to yearn for more and reach for what’s beyond them, and our new ability to connect worldwide on the internet has enabled us to share information, build community, and teach each other new ways of living that we had no idea were possible.


Ownstream is a new platform celebrating this movement and synthesizing, amplifying, and sharing these powerful tools for living with a growing worldwide community. Here, we feature thought leaders in the areas of lifestyle, business, and spirit sharing their knowledge, experience, and practical tools for creating more freedom in your own life. We cover everything from the front lines of this revolution: online businesses, location-independent living, law of attraction, tiny houses, road schooling, quantum health and healing from disease, minimalism and more. If your search is driven by an innate desire for more freedom in your life, Ownstream will give you the tools and models to create it.

Be sure to explore the Ownstream Podcast where we reveal, through intimate portraits of these vibrant leaders, the new paradigms and beliefs arcing towards more freedom and empowerment in life. Or, read our featured article of the month which describes the 7 Decisions awaiting you along the mainstream life path, and the vast array of new, empowered options available enabling you to become the ultimate lifestyle entrepreneur. Enjoy!

Digital Nomad


From freelancers to digital nomads, the traditional model of swapping time for money in a “day job” is becoming a relic. Now, we see a wide array of marketers, coaches, and other entrepreneurs building 7+ figure businesses on the internet, all via their laptop and a wifi connection, working at any time from anywhere in the world.

It has even become possible to create a thriving business purely from a social media profile or blog, without needing or having a product to sell. The barrier to entry in entrepreneurship has never been lower.

A new reality is quickly forming around work and business, making the old job model more and more obsolete by the day.

Digital Nomad
Tiny House


The area of personal lifestyle has seen major innovation in the last 10 to 15 years, with people from all walks of life creating new and dynamic ways to live more freely and abundantly.

Every personal lifestyle decision is up for re-imagination, including the type of home we live in, to the things we need to be comfortable and happy, to how we educate our children, how we eat, and how we heal and thrive. A tribe of creative minimalists has demonstrated that life in a 300 square foot (or smaller!) “Tiny House” on wheels -- which can either be parked in one location or moved about the country -- can vastly expand the richness of our homes and time. Others have turned the road into both home and school, fulfilling dreams of travel, freedom, and a world-class education all in one. These lifestyle entrepreneurs are showing that we need not stay in one place and sit in one desk job our entire lives, waiting until we retire and are often too sick and tired to truly enjoy them.

Previously unquestioned, mainstream notions of home, diet, fitness, sleep, birthing, education, healing, travel and more have undergone radical experimentation, and now we can explore these new paradigms through the internet, and draw upon the experience of others to define personal lifestyles that will bring us the most joy and fulfillment. 


The realm of the spirit has expanded exponentially in recent years beyond antiquated notions of a punishing, judgmental God into a divine force of love, light, abundance, and connection. The law of attraction has riveted many who have felt alienated by limited notions of God and disempowered in their daily lives to recognize the source of power within, one that is not controlling but rather, eager for us to align with our dreams, desires, and excitement—and manifest them.

Yoga has become a billion dollar industry, causing many to seek a deeper connection to that mysterious power within via the body. Unitarian churches, devoid of any “one” notion of God, have blossomed inviting one and all to celebrate community, joy and love under the same roof. Science has revealed a field of energy embedded within and across everything, confirming once and for all that we are all connected, we are all One. People are seeking—and finding—more than ever before.

Digital Nomad